A code library with numerical models for undergraduate and graduate students of economics. The goal of NumEcon is to provide tools for solving canonical models in microeconomics and macroeconomics (and a bit of econometrics). This e.g. includes the consumer problem and Edgeworth and Koopman economies in micro, and the Ramse y and OLG models in macro.

Code repository

Notebook repository





  1. ASAD

  2. OLG

  3. Ramsey

  4. Solow




  1. Budgetset

  2. Preferences

  3. Utility maximization

  4. Substitution-, income- and wealth effects

  5. Edgeworth

  6. Profit maximization

  7. Partial_equilibrium

  8. Koopman


Probability theory


  1. Stochastic variables

  2. Conditional probability