mybinder.org1 is an awesome way of sharing your Python code and Jupyter notebooks in a GitHub repository by creating an interactive environment, where other people can run (but not change) your code without having Python installed.

The most simple setup

  1. Go to
  2. Paste the link to your GitHub repository
  3. Under Path to a notebook file change from File to URL and write lab
  4. Press launch - wait and a JupyterLab session will launch
  5. Save the resulting link
  6. Share the link with others

Including dependencies

To include depencies (e.g. numpy and matplotlib) you repository need to have a folder called /binder in its root directory. This folder must contain a environment.yml file with lists of the dependencies. Your projects-2019-YOURGROUPNAME repository automatically includes this, and most likely you do not need to change it. For an example of a environment.yml file see here.

Advanced: To activate extensions for JupyterLab you additionally need a postBuild file. For an example see here.


Installing dependencies on-the-fly

In a Jupyter Notebook, a package can always be installed on-the-fly by !conda install [package1 ...] (if it is availible on conda) or otherwise by !pip install [package1 ...].

  1. The documentation is available here. [return]