If you have a question, always try to find an answer by searching on Google first, see this guide. If you can still not find an answer, you can ask it in the course forum using a GitHub Issue. Basically, a GitHub Issue is a way of communicating a bug, request or something else related to a specific project hosted on GitHub.

Creating a new issue

To create a GitHub Issue follow these steps:

  1. Go to the lectures repository at https://www.github.com/numeconcopenhagen/lectures-2019.
  2. In the repositories navigation bar click on the banner named Issues.
  3. Click on New Issue.
  4. Give the issue an appropriate name so it is clear to other people what the issue is about.
  5. Explain your problem as simply as possible.

Commenting on an issue

We are in this together, so please help with answering your fellow students questions. But remember to be specific and polite!

Quality issues

Please read this post that explains how to create a quality issue.